Take a Step Into Your Energetic Power

Shift Your Space

If you’re like most spiritual seekers, you’ve tried to make the changes you need using other strategies or modalities. Yet, you return to the patterns that you began with.

Experience positive shifts in your body, home, and business with a Private 60 Minute Session with Wendy where she will tap into your energy and hone in on the blockages that are keeping you from the prosperity that the universe is offering.

Private Coaching

You probably already know that working with Wendy as a private client provides you with the support and guidance to create a prosperous life.

Wendy has limited spots available for her private client coaching.

Calling Card

Connect with Wendy’s energy throughout the year when your energy requires it most.

Are you ready to commit to a life of abundance?

Take the next step into your Spiritual Growth.

Who is this for?

Energetic work is for people who have a dream for the life they want but are stuck, blocked, or hit their ‘glass ceiling’. If you know that there is something holding you back but don’t know what it is, energetically tapping in will allow me to guide, facilitate, and hone in on the resources and tools that will open the energetic flows to receive what you are asking for.

And… EXPAND the energy and possibilities you currently have.

Who is this NOT for?

This facilitation is not for people who want to have others buy their stories of why they can’t create the life they want. Stepping into your energetic power takes commitment and if you’re not willing to make your energy a priority, this is not for you – seriously.

Connect Your Energy

About Wendy

Wendy is a First Nation Indigenous Energy Healer and Wellbeing Advocate born with gifts of vision and wisdom. Wendy feels blessed to have trained for over 30 years with mentors and elders, by private invitation, to develop and hone her craft to serve your energy and power with Ancient Indigenous Wisdom.