What Spiritual Beings Who Work With Me Say…

Dr. E Testimonial

“I have no idea how she does it…

Wendy has an uncanny ability to help you elevate your energy, no matter what is going on. While I have no idea how she does it, I am so grateful for her energy expertise!”

Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D.

Psychologist and Speaker

Patty Dominguez Testimonial

“She is simply amazing… She takes people through this energy method that is very intriguing… She’s super fun… makes the process fun… She is simply the best, so I highly endorse Wendy Wise.

You deserve to work with her.”

Patty Dominguezpattydominguez.com
Positioning Expert, Founder of PositioningtoProfit.com

Cristina Arce Testimonial

“She has just opened the floodgates for my business… Working with her has completely cleared the energy that kept me stuck… I owe it all with Wendy…

She has a gift like nothing I’ve ever seen before, I feel so honored and humbled to be able to work with Wendy”

– Cristina Arce

“I saw immediate changes in my home, family and business…

I spoke to Wendy because I felt that something wasn’t right in my home. I’d tried clearing myself, and always work on my own spiritual growth. But still, it felt like something was holding me back.

After the first call I saw immediate changes in my home, family and business. Almost immediately I started to attract more clients and abundance. Just, wow! Everyone should talk to Wendy, she’s so gifted and can help you with clearing your space and changing up your energy.”

A.E., Gold Coast, Australia

“My work with her will forever change my life…

What I valued most about my time with Wendy is that she gave me the tools and perspective I needed at the time I was ready to receive them. She knows how to move directly to the root of the problem without perpetuating what it is I didn’t want to focus on. Her guidance was clear and effective as soon as I began using it. My work with her will forever change my life.

The result I have noticed during and after my time with Wendy is that this has changed and showed up for the better in my life in ways I did not expect. Not only the problems addressed but other circumstances as well. Once the ball was rolling in the right direction it all began to fall into place.

I would tell others that are interested in working with Wendy that if you all willing to listen openly and put in the work this will be the investment of a lifetime.

Wendy, thank you for everything!!”

J.Richardson, Midway, Utah, USA

“After just two weeks working with her an offer was made on the house…

We were looking to sell our house and were trying to find out why it wasn’t selling after approximately 6 months on the market. Wendy helped us to identify our personal constraints that were holding us back from selling.

After just two weeks working with Wendy an offer was made on the house which was accepted and it sold!”

B.M. Park City, Utah, USA