Lodge Guests Offerings

As a guest of the lodge, Wendy invites you to continue your journey…

Thank you for your time and energy as a guest of the lodge.

My name is Wendy and I’m grateful you’re reading this! I was born an intuitive and healer with gifts of vision and wisdom as a First Nation (Native American). I’ve also been blessed to train by private invitation with mentors and elders to develop and hone my crafts.

Through my own story with health challenges, healing, and wellness journey, I developed specialties as an Intuitive consultant Master Energy healer, and Wellness advocate with more than 30 years of education and training. I was drawn to the area based on Native American Astrology. This land the lodge sits on is one of many power spots around the world! To learn more about my unique gifts, skill set and more about offerings beyond the lodge please reach out directly.

It is my pleasure to be able to offer you continued services outside of the lodge. I can’t wait to connect again!

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– The Wise Team

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