Wendy Wise is the founder of Wendy Wise Healer, The Wise Method, and INpowered Tool Bank. As a First Nation (Native American) Indigenous Energy Healer, she facilitates, cleanses, and clears energetic barriers for body, home, and business.

A Wellbeing Advocate born with gifts of Vision and Indigenous Wisdom, she provides Energetic Strategy for long term implementation and expansion. 

Wendy has had the honor and blessing to train with Mentors and Elders, by private invitation. Apprenticing for over 30 years, Wendy has developed, cultivated, and honed her craft through rigorous Spiritual Training.

Wendy has had the privilege of speaking at events from small and intimate occasions to more than 20,000 people. Recently being featured at the Sundance Festival Indigenous Cafe. 

Wendy has enjoyed the diversity of working with individuals locally, virtually, and privately (through Sponsorship) with hundreds of homeowners, high profile movie productions, and big businesses in the USA and internationally. 

Using her unique and impactful method of Energetic Facilitation, INpowered Guidance and Indigenous Wisdom she continues INpowering™ Spiritual Beings to Embody Divine Living.