Wendy Wise is the founder of Wendy Wise Healer and The Wise Method. She is a First Nation (Native American) Indigenous Energy Healer and Wellbeing Advocate born with gifts of vision and wisdom. Wendy has been blessed to train by private invitation with mentors and elders to develop and hone her crafts with over 30 years of education and training.

Throughout her time as an intuitive healer, Wendy has had the privilege of speaking at events from small and intimate occasions through to more than 20,000 people along with being featured at the Sundance Festival Indigenous Cafe. Wendy has enjoyed the diversity of working with individuals locally, through travel, and virtually creating energetic shifts for hundreds of homeowners, high profile movie productions, and big businesses in the USA and internationally.

Using her unique and impactful method of techniques and tools Wendy helps to clear your energy for more abundance, prosperity, and power alignment.

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