Utilizing Ancient Indigenous Wisdom, Intuitive Awareness, and Personal Resourcefulness

I Help People Expand Their Energy To Create A Life of Prosperity and Abundance…


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In my energetic work with clients from all over the world

I know there are two type of beings in the world.

The Minority

Survivors who go about their life knowing there is something missing without having the awareness required to know that everything is energy and energy is everything.

The Majority

Wisdom Seekers who are aware of their energetic power, realizing the importance of gathering the right resources and tools to create the life they want today.

Have you been functioning from the constricts of time?

Scheduling and prioritizing a never ending to do list, your children’s activities, your family events, all within a down to the minute plan.

Have you been attempting to expand your income only to see money flow out of your hands?

You make money only to cover your expenses not yet able to create the true wealth you desire.

Have you been meditating, exercising, and affirming in order to grow in your being without witnessing the change you are seeking?

You seek guidance and practice what you are taught to the ‘T’ yet you get a sense that something is missing or there is something you aren’t doing, yet.





You weren’t born this way. The place from which you are functioning now has been instilled in you from the moment you were born.

You didn’t know that everything is energy, yet.

Ancient Indigenous Wisdom Seekers became aware that everything is energy and have been able to gather the tools to create their personal resourcefulness to create the life they now live, the life you have been wanting for your self.


Using my unique method, The Wise Method, I have guided my clients from all over the world in creating a life of abundance and prosperity as Ancient Indigenous Wisdom Seekers.

1. Ancient Indigenous Wisdom – Being blessed in working with my elders by personal invitation, I have been able to cultivate a practice and way of life throughout the years which I now share with you.

2. Intuitive Awareness – Developing self trust and awareness to know where your energy begins and ends in order to follow your intuitive power in life and business.

3. Personal Resourcefulness – Gathering and utilizing Indigenous tools and resources to create your own practice and craft.

Just Imagine having the resources and time required to create the life you have been dreaming of.

Take a step into your energetic power:

Intuitive Tap In

Let’s begin our connection with a 20 Minute Tap In if you just aren’t if we are a good energetic fit, yet.

Shift Your Space

Experience positive shifts in your body, home, and business with a Private 60 Minute Session to hone in on the blockages that are keeping you from the prosperity that the universe is offering.

The Bridge

A place in space where like minded people connect to one another energetically growing in awareness, intuitive power, and personal resourcefulness.

Connect Your Energy

About Wendy

Wendy is a First Nation Indigenous Energy Healer and Wellbeing Advocate born with gifts of vision and wisdom. Wendy feels blessed to have trained for over 30 years with mentors and elders, by private invitation, to develop and hone her craft to serve your energy and power with Ancient Indigenous Wisdom.